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Maxcellence' Team

Maxcellence's team consists of associated experts with academic as well as security-specific training and experiences in international security and reform projects. With great competence these experts represent the entire range of security-relevant topics in planning and prevention, training and case management.

Heinrich Schneider

Managing Director, Consultant, Trainer 

Since 2011 he has been conducting consultations and training with Maxcellence GmbH for governmental as well as non-governmental organisations and private companies. Before this, he was leader of the International Police Reforms at the Swiss Federal Office of Police for ten years, in permanent cooperation with the UN, EU and OSCE. At the same time he was a member of the special staff against hostage taking and extortion. He draws on specific leadership training for crisis intervention and 35 years' experience in the security and police sector, including special forces operations, organised crime investigations and observations. He is a certified expert in the protection of persons and property, and security risks and crises manager . 

Dominic Bigi

Consultant, Trainer

He studied and practised martial art in Asia for many years and draws on over 25 years' experience as a specialist in the area of Executive Protection (UHNWI). He is a certified expert for the protection of persons and property, security risks and crises manager, as well as an expert and trainer in the area of de-escalation, self-assertion and self-defence. In addition, he is first responder in trauma management and a CPR instructor. 

Dr. Simon de Saint-Claire

Consultant, Trainer

He is a  renowned facilitator for International Security Sector Development, centering on security sector reform, international crisis management, and post-conflict development.

A former New Zealand Army Officer, for over a decade Simon sub-contracted to the United Nations Secretariat providing field-based strategic services. Since 2002 he has provided independent field consultancy, facilitation and research to intergovernmental actors, national police authorities, state development agencies, international police missions, technical assistance NGOs, and the Private Security Sector.

Simon has an interdisciplinary academic and research background in Social Science (International Relations, Strategic Studies, Socio-Cultural Anthropology, Human Geography), Human Rights Law, and Democratic Policing.

Graham Flood-Hunt

Consultant, Trainer

He is a security risk and crisis training specialist for humanitarian aid organisations, relief workers and peacekeepers. His extensive international experience in mission preparedeness with the UN, Swiss Foreign Ministry, Swiss International Peace-Keeping Centre, ZIF - Zentrum für Internationale Friedenseinsätze, RedR, Essential Field Training and many non-governmental organisations is a great asset for Maxcellence training activities.

Hansueli Steiner

Consultant, Trainer

For many years he has been a trainer for security purposes and instructor for the Swiss Army. He draws on over 20 years' experience in international missions as supervisor, consultant and trainer for the army and security forces.  

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